How to wake up the EP to capture the active EP data?

I want to deploy a network by using the many of ADuCRF101. EPs send data to the Route at different time interval (Timer Dvided Multiplex). After one of the EPs sending the data, the EP will go to Hibernate mode or Shutdown mode for lowest power consumption. But how to wake-up one of them to capture the next active data? By using the ADuCRF101 Timer or other ways? Please show me which API or functon can wake-up one of the EPs in the RADIO INTERFACE ENGIN FUNCTIONS ADUCRF101 doucumentation.

In addition, whether we can make the routers operating in different frequency (FDM) in order to aviod the interference between the routers and the EPs?


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  • If I use the wake-up timer to wake the EP from hibernate and transmit the active date to the Route. But I am afraid the EPs will have time intervals conflicts after running a long time. Each EP has a short time interval to wake up to transmit the information to Route, but they have a different (crystal) time reference.So the EPs will have time intervals conflicts on some day. Could you please give a solution to aviod?

    In addition, the current is about 1mA in hibenate mode of the EV-ADuCRF101MKxZ when the LK1 is cut off. Is it normal?

  • 1) I assume the binary used in your EP is Event Driven based from the package.

    The Event Driven sensor mote will wake up from Hibernate on the following events from sensors.

    • Activity detection from ADXL362.
    • BOOT button press (only on EVAL-RF101).
    • Touch detection from AD7151 (only on EVAL-RF101).

    If you don’t have any sensor(s) connected to your ADuCRF101 EVAL board, then the BOOT button on this board can be used to generate the "wake up" event. On similar lines, the periodic EP will wake up when the timer expires for the duration configured by the user (from the PC tool).

    Multiple Routers in a network can be operated in different frequency channels by carefully selecting the up/down channels from the PC tool. There is a FAQ you can refer to get a complete idea on this:

    2) Even though the EPs have time interval conflict, the ADRadioNet uses CCA mechanism to resolve the conflict. The CCA (Clear Channel Assessment) is performed by every mote before transmitting the message. If the received signal strength is less than the configured threshold value, then the message is transmitted over air else it retries.

    Please remove or cut off the LK2 also for the better power consumption performance of the EV-ADuCRF101MKxZ in hibernate mode.