unable to detect BUNCH EP on ANodeConfig tool with ADRadioNet01_EDKv2.0


I am using ADRadioNet01_EDKv2.0 with EV-ADRN-WSN-1Z kit. When I program the endpoint and try to detect using ANodeConfig tool, the detection fails. Mostly when the CenterPoint is not powered up. Is there some vulnerability with the boards/firmware.

Can you shed some light on this?”

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Sushma R

  • Hi,


    In the recent days one problem of this type is reported to us. In some use case scenario, the EP(Bunch) is not getting detected in the ANodeConfig tool.

    The team tried the following:

    1. If this EP device is put in operation to join the 3-node demo network, it joins and communicates with CP. This is the good part.
    2. However, if the user configures the EP device, and tries to connect it to the PC (via USB-SWD/UART) to verify the configuration of the device, the ANodeConfig tool is not showing the device as detected. It is possible that this is the same scenario you are in?.

    You could try the following, interim, if you have one other USB-SWD/UART:

    • Configure the EP and let it join the demo network with CP & Router. Once the EP joins the network and starts communicating, use another USB-SWD/UART to check the status on the ANodeConfig tool.
    • You should be able to detect and see the configured parameters of the device. It can join the network if other devices are in operation.

    Subsequent to the ADRadioNet_EDKv2.0, we made few minor enhancement to the code and a unified ADWSN UI tool also is being tested at this moment (that can be used with AD6LoWPAN also). This will be made available shortly. Please stay tuned.

    If you want to test the new binaries, I can send them, let me know.


    harish kumar k