Announcement: ADRadioNet EDKv2 for ADuCRF101 & ADF7024/RL78

New ADRadioNet Software Evaluation Development Kits (V2.0) released for ADuCRF101 and ADF7024<=>RL78/G13.

The click-thru installer packages can be downloaded by clicking on the "Download" button of ADRadioNet pages or directly from the links below:


The ADWSN: ADRadioNet Evaluation Development Kits supports the following hardware platforms from Analog Devices, Inc.


  1. EV-ADRN-WSN-1Z (a.k.a Bunch board with several sensors populated) and
  2. EVAL-ADuCRF101-MK (Rev-C), several sensors can be interfaced on to this.


  1. EV-ADRN-WSN-2Z (a.k.a Cluster board with several sensors populated), and
  2. EVAL-ADF7xxxMB4Z (Rev-A/B), several sensors can be interfaced on to this.

If you have EV-ADRN-WSN-1Z and EV-ADRN-WSN-2Z kits, you can use these packages to build the projects easily and evaluate the performance of the ADRadioNet technology.