LTP5901-IPM, how should we tie nonuse UART input pins?

Please let me ask how we should treat nonuse UART pins.


I found following description in the LTP5901-IPM (Mote) data sheet.

When UART (Pin No.57-62) is not used, whether should we use pull-up or pull-down, for following three input pins?

If there are recommended resister value, could you please let me know?


When using pull-up resister, current from it is consumed, I am concerned.

I would like to reduce the current consumption as much as possible.


LTP5901-IPM/LTP5902-IPM / SmartMesh IP Node 2.4GHz 802.15.4e Wireless Mote Module

Page 22




Note 14: These inputs are always enabled and must be driven or pulled to a valid state to avoid leakage.