Reprogram DC2274A

After a period of time, while working with the smartmesh python SDK, my DC2274A modules have become unresponsive. I am trying to rebuild the firmware on them using the Eterna firmware and Eterna programmer over SPI on the embedded smartmesh module. When trying to erase the flash with esp -E I received the HSP_ERR_FLASHID error message. Consulting the Serial Programmer Guide I tried esp -E -f 0. Now I get the error HSP_ERR_GETNUMDEV. What is the procedure to factory program a DC2274A module given these errors? Thanks.

  • Good Morning Sunderma,

    I now already June - so hope have resolved this already - but just in case.

    I have never seen that exact error "HSP_ERR_FLASHID" but I have by accident erased my DC2274A module and had to reprogram!

    If there are several devices connected (sound like you have the DC9010 programmer and the DC2274A eManager connected - you have to tell the ESP programming software what device you are programming (thru the DC9010 or the DC2274A).

    Sometimes the simplest way to do this is remove the DC9010 so only the DC2274 is connected to computer (of course the the usb connector.  You do NOT need the DC9010 hardware to reprogram the DC2274 - only the ESP software that I think you should already have installed.

    I remember was a little confusing trying to find the 3 images required to program the DC2274:

    • Fuse table
    • Partition table
    • Main Program
    • The Loader is not required  for the DC2274

    If this doesn't help -please reply and I will try to dig up all the specifics!!

    Good luck and hope helps a little!!