Questions about the ADRadioNet, how to deploy a network?


  1. Could you please give some advices about how many EPs can be supported by one Route in below architecture?


How many Routes  can be supported by one CP? If there are 10k EPs , how many Routes need to deploy. Whether it depends on the time interval to capture data and the transceiver range?

  2. Whether the EP communicate with one Route at one time, and connect the EPs with the Route by Time Division Multiplexing?

3. How to quick start the custom network based on the ADRadioNet source code? 

Open the workspace “ADRN01.eww” from “ADRadioNet01/Source/ADRN01_SRC_USE/IDE” folder under ADRadioNet package installation directory. It seems we can’t download the IAR version V7.10.3 on the IAR website, So I can’t open the source code right now, could you please help?

4.In addition, I can’t find the schematics of the EV-ADRN-WSN-1Z, could you please help to provide the link to download?

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  • The limit on the number of endpoints (EP) supported is limited by the on-the-air time, for instance a typical message of 60 bytes which is acknowledged with 20 bytes will take 7 to 8ms, assuming no repeats. If the message is repeated than the on-the-air time increases. Theoretically 125 messages can be handles a second. We have done trials with up to 40msgs./s. Routers and gateways (CP) do not store any information about the EP, so increasing the number of EPs makes no difference. If the density of EPs become too large then messages will not be sent. This is because ADRadioNet uses a listen before talk (LBT) protocol, EPs will first check if the channel is free, if not, a retry is done. If after 3 trials (this parameter can be changed using the PC tools), the channel is still not free, the EP goes to sleep and attempts again after the sleep period. Multiple channels are supported, however as a device can transmit on many channels, it can only listen on one, therefore in order to use the multi-channel feature a device (router or gateway) must listen on all channels used.

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  • As further clarification and to answer the question that was directly asked: "if 10k EP nodes can be supported by one route?". The answer is yes if the nodes don't all try talking together. If there's no correlation between the messages e.g. event driven then there should be little problem. If the nodes are configured to periodically send messages then it should be ensured that not too many wake and attempt to send. Using a random wake-up time within certain bounds would help a lot here. So instead of getting all the nodes waking every 5 minutes, a wake-up time of 3 to 7 minutes could be used

  • Hi Wei,

    Along with the EV-ADRN-WSN-1Z kit, a USB stick containing documents and schematics (under \Schematics and Layouts\Bunch-WSN directory). For your convenience, I am attaching the schematics for this board.

    On the new IAR version v7.4: Our EDKv2.0 release is time tested with IAR v7.10, but it should work on any new version. We have downloaded the v7.4 to verify the project, and its working perfectly fine. Please outline the problems you are facing when opening the project. We'll give the required help via this forum.