WSN Bunch Node sometimes cannot register

I am using a WSN Bunch node and center point, both loaded with the latest firmware. When watching the packet window in the center point application, nodes occasionally will send one or two registration packets upon powering up, but then stop transmitting without ever sending any data. Other times they will register properly and begin reporting sensor readings. I was wondering if anybody else has experienced this problem and if there are any known workarounds.

  • I presume the ADRadioNet EDKv2.0 version of binaries are used for the demo setup.  How often the issue is noticed? Can you share the screen shots of Start and Network overview windows of the ANodeCenterPoint tool when the issue is observed.



  • Hi Harish,

    I looked at those tabs, and they are both blank.

  • Hi Tristan,


    If you don’t see any messages or data on Start and Network overview it means the EP is not getting registered to the network. Please provide me the following information.

    • Version of the binaries used on both the EP and CP
    • Mode of powering the EP (battery or USB-SWD/UART-EMUZ)
    • Revision of boards used.
    • How often you see the issue? Every time you power reset the EP you face this issue?

    Please try to power rest the EP board properly and check. Every time you flash or change the configuration of the board power reset is must.

  • The binaries used on the EP and CP are the latest available for download from the ADI website. They are the second version of the protocol. The HEX files are dated April 8 2015. (These binaries are different from the ones included on the flash drive that shipped with the kit) The boards started out as the earlier version, which I upgraded using CM3WSD to the current version. The EPs are powered via coin cell, but when I tried to substitute the battery for a 3V bench supply, the issue did not go away. The center point is CP1Z/Rev E and the nodes are EV-BUNCH-WSN-1Z/Rev B. Perhaps the old hardware is not compatible? The issue happens very frequently. Sometimes packets never come, sometimes it stops after a few discovery packets, and occasionally data comes normally. I power cycle the boards between configurations.

    Thanks for all your help so far,


  • hi

    I have tried using the same combination of the hardware with different battery powered Bunch boards as EndPoints. I was not able to reproduce the issue of communication failure, with the prebuilt binaries provided with the ADRadioNet EDKv2.0 release. Can you try mass erasing the Bunch board using CM3WSD and flash again with the prebuilt binaries provided with the ADRadioNet EDKv2.0 package and check the communication.

    If the issue still exists, to eliminate the doubt on hardware please use the different set of hardware boards and test.