Prolem with ADuCRF101MK, I don't see the bunch on AnodeCenterPoint

I have wsn quicksrart kit for ADuCRF101MK. When I open AnodeCenterPoint the program found the device but when i turn on the accelerometer it doesn't see nothing. I try to change the configuaration but nothing. I went to AndeConfiguration and I connect the bunch wsn to j-link and I configured the bunch with end point after i connected ADu.. but nothing. Anodecenterpoint see only ADu...and doesn't see my sensor. Can you hel me? thank you

  • Hi,

    I presume you are using the EV-ADRN-WSN-1Z kit with the ADRadioNet EDKv2.0 version of binaries for the demo setup. The EV-ADRN-WSN-1Z kit contains the following hardware

    1. EV-ADRN-WSN-1Z (2 BUNCH WSN modules + 1 EVAL-ADuCRF101MK)

    2. USB-SWD/UART -EMUZ module - 1 min.

    Please ensure your configuration is correct. Provide me the following information

      • Version of the binaries used on both the EndPoint and CenterPoint
      • Mode of powering the EndPoint (battery or USB-SWD/UART-EMUZ)
      • Share the screenshots of the ANodeConfig tool for both EndPoint and CenterPoint displaying configuration.

    If you are not able to detect the EndPoint on the ANodeConfig tool please erase and flash the node with the binaries once again using CM3WSD (use Flash Action as Mass Erase to erase the boards) provided with the package. Refer to “ADRN01-All-in-One-GettingStartedGuide_v2.0” provided along with the package for how to flash the binaries using CM3WSD.

    The issue of EndPoint not detecting after the configuration is addressed in the following post please follow the below link.




  • Hello I programmed the ADuCRF101 board as this picture

    and this is the configuration of the Bush I think could miss something:

    For the Center point Mac Adress I put C9 in the final, PHY 38,4

  • Thank you I see your old post, and I programmed the bunch board.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your reply hope this helps in future.

    I could see your configuration is not proper from the screenshots you have attached, please follow the blow steps. I assume you are not using router in the network.

    1. Flash the boards with appropriate binaries provided in the package as shown in the blow path.

    PrebuiltBinaries\EVAL-RF101\using_CM3WSD\ADRN01_CP_ROUTER.hex ==> [CP & Router]

    PrebuiltBinaries\BUNCH\using_CM3WSD\ADRN01_EP_Periodic_LPM.hex ==> [EP Periodic]

    2. Please configure the EVAL-ADuCRF101MK as CenterPoint(CP) and BUNCH board as EndPoint(EP).

    3. Configure the EndPoint(EP)and CenterPoint(CP) with the configuration below

    Note: To match your EP configuration, the CP configuration has been modified

    CenterPoint configuration (CP - EVAL-ADuCRF101MK)

    EndPoint configuration(EP - BUNCH)

    4. Reset the EP after configuration.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you, how can I see a table of my measures? because I can see the measures but I can't save there, i need a table of this measures for create a grapic.