How can decrease a sleep time, down one second? ADuCRF101MK

I have needed the measures under one second, but in analoge configuration the minimium time is 1 second. I use the sensor ev-bunch-wsn-1z.

How can i do, if is possible?

  • Hi,

    The minimum sleep time of a device that can be configured using ANodeConfig tool is 1 second. Since the ADRadioNet devices are intended for low power and battery operated, most of the time the devices are expected to be in sleep state. However if user want to evaluate the devices at the sleep time less than 1 second, a “Change Sleep Time” command from Config/command window of the ANodeCenterPoint  tool can be posted as shown below.

    The option for 250/500 milliseconds has been provided with the ANodeConfig tool and tested. You can try these from the tool as shown below.


    Please refer to “ANodeCenterPoint: Control & Monitoring” section of ADRN01-All-in-One-GettingStartedGuide_v2.0 provided with the package on information about how to send a command to a particular node.

    Note: After sending the “Change Sleep Time” command to a device (EP) if user desires to retain the sleep time value in the configuration parameters (persistent after reset of the device), then the user need to send the “Save Configuration” command after the “Change Sleep Time” command.