how can create a graphic in real time with ev adrn wsn 1z ?

I have ev adrn wsn 1z and I save the data with a particular program in c, but I can't see the data in real time and I have to wait after for creating the graphic.

  • Hi,

    The purpose of this community is to provide help and support on ADRadioNet evaluation demo bring-up. Beyond this it’s up to you on how you want to create your application. But I am curious to find out what you are doing as I understand you are able to save the data using a C-program. Can you provide the following details.

    1. Where are you saving the data and what is the mechanism for plotting?
    2. What is the sleep time of your EP?
    3. When you check the messages by connecting CP to ANodeCenterPoint tool, are you saying the messages are not coming at the sleep time set by you?




  • I use the program serial monitor and save the hexdecimal data into a file, after I have created a program in c that extract the hexdecimal data of the axes x, y, z. I save this data into 3 different file. Now I have to convert this data in decimal and I use excel with a macro, and I create tre colum of data, finally I create a graphic. Now I'm studing for creating a graphic in real time.

  • the sleep time is on 20ms but anode center point write only 12 data at 1 second. Anode center point with this sleep time, write uart error on uart status. For me is import to see graphic in real time with the minimum sleep time. I know that 20ms sleep time is not real, but for me is importat reduce this time.

  • Hi

    So you are doing an offline plotting from the sensor data that you are receiving on the CenterPoint.  You can create your own mechanisms to plot the sensor data and that is outside the scope of this support. But I want to share a news that there is new release that will go live (in ~2weeks) with a new and enhanced PC tool. This will have a form of real-time plotting of sensor data, hopefully it is useful for you. Please stay tuned on this.

    On the other question: The minimum sleep time that can be configured using ANodeConfig tool is 1 second. Since the ADRadioNet devices are intended for low power and battery operated, most of the time the devices are expected to be in sleep state. An option for user with 250 milliseconds sleep time is provided in the form of command (please refer to “ANodeCenterPoint: Control & Monitoring:” section of ADRN01-All-in-One-GettingStartedGuide_v2.0). Please note, the support from this forum is limited to evaluating the solution as-is and for any new feature requirements to build a new product you have to reach out to local ADI sales team.