How to Create alternative application to AnodeCP tool?

How to create an independent application( Matlab or Python source code) to capture real time data continuously from Center Point? Currently i have a Matlab API to capture Temp/Humidity/XL362 data continuously from the Center point through a serial connection. However, to get the CP to send data continuously from the motes i have to use AnodeCenterPoint tool to find the device and enable autosend. I want to get away without using the AnodeCenter point tool. 

I found a document explaining how to do it but it is not completely clear. I realize that i have to send 4 commands through the serial connection


So, lets say i need to execute the first command do i send 


to the CP?

JC- syncbytes

6-Packet len

K- Command code



If there is some detailed explanation that would help me get up and running working independently from the AnodeCP tool to capture continuously from the motes