How to Create alternative application to AnodeCP tool?

How to create an independent application( Matlab or Python source code) to capture real time data continuously from Center Point? Currently i have a Matlab API to capture Temp/Humidity/XL362 data continuously from the Center point through a serial connection. However, to get the CP to send data continuously from the motes i have to use AnodeCenterPoint tool to find the device and enable autosend. I want to get away without using the AnodeCenter point tool. 

I found a document explaining how to do it but it is not completely clear. I realize that i have to send 4 commands through the serial connection


So, lets say i need to execute the first command do i send 


to the CP?

JC- syncbytes

6-Packet len

K- Command code



If there is some detailed explanation that would help me get up and running working independently from the AnodeCP tool to capture continuously from the motes


  • Hi Samanwaya,

    I hope you are referring to the “Procedure to implement alternative application to CP tool” document. The document first gives you the UART frame format between CenterPoint(CP) device and ANodeCenterPoint tool. Then lists the commands that need to be passed in sequence from the UI (PC application) in-order to receive sensor data packets from CP device. After that it gives the example packets which include the commands to be passed from the UI (PC application) to CP, it also shows the response from the CP.

    So the example packets provided should follow the UART frame format and sent over UART, unless packet format is followed you won’t receive any response from the CP.

    Coming to your question what exactly you have to send is the packet in the UART packet format, see the example of UART_SUBCMD_CHECKDEVICE packet

                                        4A ==> J (ascii value)

                                        43 ==> C (ascii value)

                                        06 ==> Packet Length

                                        4B ==> Command ID

                                        0C ==> CRC_low

                                        8B ==> CRC_high

    You can use the serial tools which can send the data in HEX format over UART(Ex: Docklight) to check the response from the CP.

    Hope this helps.