My WSN nodes are not communicating

My WSN nodes are not communicating. How do I know if these devices joined a network?

  • The first thing the user has to do, when the nodes are not communicating, is observing at the status of the Green LED on the Bunch WSN

    This will be ON for non-sleepy nodes, and blinks for the sleepy nodes.

    On the sleepy nodes, the Green LED blinks only during the device joining time and when communicating with the Border Router (BR).

    In case the device has not joined the network, no LED signals are seen.

    Once the node joins the network, it sends periodic sensor data to Border Router.

    How to verify whether the 6LoWPAN node is sending periodic sensor data?

    1. Connect the Border Router to the PC via USB.

    2. Open the ADWSN-UI-Tool.

    3. Navigate to Monitor and Control tab and select the “Start” tab.

    4. Click on Find Devices.

    5. Select Border Router.

    6. On the received packet pane, messages from 6LoWPAN will be displayed upon receipt of the packet.

    If the user has a sniffer device (as suggested in the EDK package), the wireshark tool can be launched from the ADWSN-UI-Tool and monitor the packets (over the air packets).

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