How to send “User Defined Commands”  from Border Router to Node?

Can I make my own “User Defined Commands”  to send from Border Router to the Node.

I prefer to do this without any code modifications. Is this possible?

  • The Config/Commands tab under monitor and control section can be used to send user defined commands.

    The ADWSN-UI-Tool  is equipped to add your own commands without modifying the code. All you need to do is open an XML schema as outlined below and add/modify the command and start using it.

    The list of commands and the default command arguments are populated from OTA_CMDS_6LP.xml which is available in the tool installation directory as shown below:

    <Installed Directory>\AD6LoWPAN01\ADWSN-UI-Tool\config

    A sample command structure in the XML file is as shown below. It is straightforward to add user defined commands by observing the syntax carefully.


      <Descrp>Turn ON Red LED (EV-ADRN-WSN-1Z BUNCH)</Descrp>




      <ParamValue>01</ParamValue>  //command ID




      <ParamValue>01</ParamValue>  //command args




    Let say, you wish to add a new command like "Start the EV Motor", then update  the following in the XML file


      <Descrp>Turn ON Red LED (Start the EV Motor)</Descrp>


    Once you save the XML, and open the ADWSN-UI-Tool, you will see this new command in the Config/Commands tab of Monitor And Control window. Hope this helps.

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