Device types in AD6LoWPAN EDK?

What are the different types of devices supported in AD6LoWPAN EDK? Can you explain the functionality very briefly?

  • AD6LoWPAN uses the following 3 types of devices in a typical network. The last device is for sniffing over the air packets.

    • 6LoWPAN Border Router (6LBR):
      • Border router at the edge of separate LoWPANs or a LoWPAN and another IP network, responsible for IPv6 prefix propagation within the LoWPAN. Usually the data concentrator for all the data in a PAN.
    • 6LoWPAN Node (6LN):
      • Sensor node which acts as a RPL leaf node in a 6LoWPAN Network. Collects data from sensors and transmits to border router (directly or via router/s).
    • 6LoWPAN Router (6LR):
      • An intermediate router in the LoWPAN that communicates with other 6LRs in the same LoWPAN; only in route-over topologies. A router with UDP enabled, can act as sensor mote along with the routing functionality.
    • 6LoWPAN Sniffer (6LSN):
      • This captures all the packets in a particular channel. Useful in debugging/network monitoring.
      • The sniffer is an optional device type which can be prepared by the user to monitor the network in a particular channel using wireshark tool.
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