I have WSN Bunch version kit, Can this be used for AD6LoWPAN also?

I purchased Wireless Sensor Network Development Kit – Bunch Version (EV-ADRN-WSN-1Z)  from www.analog.com/wsn about a month back to evaluate the other technology. Will I be able to use the same kit to evaluate this AD6LoWPAN solution, Let me know.

Does the new kit come with AD6LoWPAN devices pre-programed and pre-configured? Explain the demo binaries.

  • Yes. You can use the same EV-ADRN-WSN-1Z kit to evaluate AD6LoWPAN solution also.

    As of now, the devices that come along with the EV-ADRN-WSN-1Z kit are pre-programmed and pre-configured with ADRadioNet, Analog Devices proprietary WSN protocol. The same devices can be used to program and setup the AD6LoWPAN evaluation demonstration using ADWSN-UI-Tool. For those who are familiar with ADRadioNet UI tools, the evaluating the AD6LoWPAN software is a cakewalk.

    Following are the prebuilt binaries available for AD6LoWPAN demonstration, supplied along with the AD6LoWPAN01_EDKv1.0.

    The default configuration for the devices is listed below.


    Default Value


    MAC Address

    6LBR: 0x0005f7feff000001

    6LR   : 0x0005f7feff000002

    6LN   : 0x0005f7feff000003

    Unique IEEE Address used by device for communication



    Operating frequency band


    Operating Mode 1:  50 kbps  2FSK

    Operating data rate and modulation



    Operating channel

    Tx Power


    Transmit Power

    Sleep Time

    1 (Applicable only for Nodes)

    Node’s periodic sleep time in seconds.


    1 (Applicable only for Nodes & Routers)

    Specifies the parent’s orbit at which the node shall attempt to join.

    After configuration of the devices, the user can validate the configuration of the devices connected to it, to form a proper network, using 3 Node Demo.

    The “AD6LoWPAN-All-in-One-GettingStartedGuide" supplied with the package explains the flashing binaries, 3 Node Demo topology and configuration settings (ISM band, PHY, Channel Frequency et al). This can be applied to the devices using the ADWSN-UI tool, supplied with the package.

    This can be downloaded from the download link on Engineer Zone or from  www.analog.com/wsn as below . Please note a registration is required to download this package.

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