ADWSN: AD6LoWPAN Reference Library

This library is available for customers to read questions and documents about the AD6LoWPAN, Analog Devices 6LoWPAN solution based on Contiki. We do not offer technical support in EngineerZone for this solution. If you require assistance please log a support ticket here. Please remember the following when logging a ticket.

  • The AD6LoWPAN Evaluation Development Kit (EDK) contains complete application code, drivers & tools required to bring up the system evaluation demo. Our support is limited to this EDK only and the software code, hardware platforms are for reference only and are not guaranteed or supported by Analog Devices.
  • The suggested evaluation platforms uses ADuCRF101 (an integrated radio transceiver with Cortex M3). Please note the evaluation boards are characterized by Analog Devices and if you encounter an issue with your design, you must be able to recreate the issue on Analog Devices evaluation platforms.
  • All schematics and specifications in the design package have been verified and insure optimum performance from the target platforms. Adherence to these specifications and their respective conditions is necessary in order to achieve the device’s rated performance in your design.
  • Questions related to clarification of the content provided in the Evaluation Development Kit should be posted on the community forum and will be addressed by Analog Devices response team. Questions outside of the scope of the design resources provided cannot be supported.