TALISE_enableMultichipRfLOPhaseSync and TALISE_enableMultichipSync: which order?

Dear all, I need to synchronize several ADRV9009.

I just have found that the function TALISE_enableMultichipRfLOPhaseSync exists: it is not mentioned in UG-1295 (6/2018—Revision 0: Initial Version), nor present in the example code provided.

I just found https://ez.analog.com/wide-band-rf-transceivers/tes-gui-software-support-adrv9009-adrv9008-1-adrv9008-2/f/q-a/115831/adrv9009-mcs-and-rf-pll-phase-sync-question as I was searching for help on TALISE_enableMultichipSync.

What is the exact sequence of calls for both functions? it is not clear in the above discussion!

Without enableMultichipRfLOPhaseSync, I achieved to have mcsStatus equals 0xB, but as soon as I call enableMultichipRfLOPhaseSync, mcsStatus is zero.

Is the sequence in https://ez.analog.com/wide-band-rf-transceivers/design-support-adrv9008-1-adrv9008-2-adrv9009/f/q-a/115291/adrv9009-phase-sync the correct one?

Ref: talise: Device Revision 192, Firmware 6.0.2, API

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