ADRV9009 ORX merge filter: number of coefficients exceeds array


I'm using ADRV9008-x and ADRV9009 Profile Configuration Tool (Filter Wizard) Ver. 2.4 to generate a ADRV9009 RFIC profile for ORX at 491.52Msps (with 400MHz RF bandwidth).  The generated profile has an orxMergeFilter with 23 coefficients.  When I copy those coefficients into the example application's talise_config.c at talInit.obsRx.orxProfile.orxMergeFilter and compile, it complains that there are "warning: excess elements in array initializer".

The talise_types.h header file defines: int16_t orxMergeFilter[12];

So I can see why it complains about having too many elements in the array.

How do I resolve this discrepancy between the Filter Wizard and the Talise API


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