ADRV9008-1 How to enable the AGC with TES?

I have the ADRV9008-1 w/PCB and I am trying to evaluate the AGC.

I have tested the AGC in manual mode and I see that I can modify the gain by changing the gain index.

Now, I am trying to configure the AGC to either peak or power mode. For this I go to the AGC tab in the TES tool and change 'AGC MODE' to 'Peak' or 'Power'. I leave the thresholds to the default values and click on 'Program'.

After doing this, I don't see the automatic AGC working. If I increase/decrease the input power the reported input power (receiver tab, Fund. Power[dBFs]) goes up/down by the same amount. I tried large changes to make sure that I am going across the thresholds.

Is my procedure for setting the AGC correct? Is there anything else that needs to be set to enable the AGC?

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