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Maximum number of received sample in TES

Category: Software
Software Version: 0.20


for the evaluation purposes, I collect received I/Q samples in TES and want to process this in MATLAB (version 0.20 in a configuration of ZCU102).

My question is: What is the maximum number of I/Q samples that can be collected and saved to *.csv file? In the example bellow, sampling frequency was 1 Msps. Overall, I collected about 6e6 I/Q samples, but only the first 1805820 were meaningful, see the figure below. I think, it should be somehow indicated in TES that the collected I/Q samples are corrupted.

Does this also depend on selected bit resolution?

Eventually, to overcome the limit, is it possible to continously send I/Q samples received on ADRV9001 - without gaps of lost IQ samples? I prefer solution on the level of MATLAB.

Thank you.

Best regards.