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Dynamic Profile Switching and PFIR Profiles


In latest API release, there are some limitations regarding Dynamic Profile Switching such as:

  • Limited to LTE
  • Operates simultaneously on all configured channels and cannot operate on any channels individually
  • Adrv9001 will either operate in Frequency Hopping mode or DPS mode never both*

As far as I know this functionality is under development. Can you answer the following questions both for current and future releases(plans).

Are these limitations operative on only PROFILE switch? By PROFILE, I mean adi_adrv9001_Init_t structure.

Is it possible to switch only PFIR coefficients instead of whole PROFILE? If so, are those limitations still in force?

My main question is:

Is it possible to Program a new(or predefined at initialization stage) 128-tap PFIR when:

  1.  Operating in Frequency Hopping mode
  2.  Arbitrary Sampling Rate
  3.  Individually for a channel

Finally it is declared that profile switching time is 50us. Are you working on it to improve switching time? What could be the best scenario?

Best Regards

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