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TES unable to connect to ADRV9002NP/W1/PCBZ + ZC706 (Avnet) , unable to ping


I am unable to connect  using TES to ADRV9002 and ZC706 Combo.

My setup is ADRV9002NP/W1/PCBZ + ZC706 (Avnet logo board).

The PC is set to  and connected to ZC706.  However, I am not able to connect using TES to (ZC706).

Furthermore, I am not able to ping address, so I guess the issue is not the TES software but the Board or SD cards.

I have tried both the SD card that was shipped with the ADRV9002 board labelled "for ADRV9001 TES software R0.2 2020.12" and the SD card that I have created using the instructions on the AD website: 

Using any card I am not able to ping

The LED are behaving as follows when using SD card created by using the instructions from the link:

On Z706 - PL GPIO LED - flashing in rolling manner with 3 on and 1 off left to right.

On ADRV9002 - DS501 ON, D801 - ON, DS703 System OK - flashing.

The PC is able to ping itself when the ZC706 is powered on, but pings to timeout. 

 Please advise how to troubleshoot the connectivity problem further.

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