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ADRV9003 ARM bitstream to be loaded

I would like to deliberately introduce an error on the bitstream to be loada into the ARM processor inside the chip...need to know were is this bitstream.

Thanks in adv.

Fabio  Post

  • Hi Fabio, 

    There is an initialisation binary file generated in the automatically generated code from the TES. This file is written to the ARM. If you needed to check this you could insert an error here, but there is little way of knowing what you would be progrmming. 

    Another point to be mindful of when programming this is that there is no internal checking on the ARM image. So if the SPI writes are not done properly then the ARM will more than likely not work because it wont be programmed properly. There is no flag to indicate this but the prt will not function. So always best to check the SPI functionality and write to the scratch pad register as outlined in SPI TEST section of the User Guide