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I worked with TES software using a ZCU102 board, equipped with ADRV9002 chip. I can boot without problems. Now I moved to the company target board, mounting an ADRV9003.

I cannot boot apparently because of that error. I could not find much on that. Is it related to some IP to be protected ? I tried to export some sample code from TES configuring once as ADRV9002 and the other a ADRV9003. I compared the outcoming files, but did not find any difference. 

  • Hi,

    I'll look into this for you now.



  • Hi Fabio, 

    The parts in this family (ADRV9002/ ADRV9003 and ADRV9004) are all fused differently. As a result if you are running a function or a calibration that calls the Tx2 channel on the ADRV9003 the part will throw an error because thereis no Tx2 on the ADRV9003.

    Make sure when you export the auto-generated code from the TES that you select the Device from the Board configuration tab as ADRV9003. This should make sure that any reference to the second Tx channel are not available options and will not end up in the generated code. 

    Alternativley, it might be worth making sure that your SPI lines are working properly and that you can read/write to the scratch pad register as detailed in the SPI TEST section of the User Guide. This is only because the ARM has no checks when its loaded, it depends on the correct SPI writes so if there is an issue with the lines the image might not load properly. 

    I would think though that this error is more to do with the former statement on not having anything that calls the second Tx channel. 


  • Hi Ruari, in effect I exported my code using 9002 as product checked into that TES GUI combo. This was due to having to deal with Zinq 120 that only has that chip.

    So I used the same software , with some differences related to the new target board equipped with 9003.

    I would like to avoid to start from scratch with exporting code from TES GUI and  report all the differences. Is it possible ? I mean how can I have the same behaviour of setting up this combo with the right value doing it from code ?

    Thanks in advance

  • Extension, ... if I try from scratch to export the same configured GUI just changing the "product" combo from 9002 to 9003, the exported files are identical....

  • Hi Fabio, 

    Closing this thread. The issue was that a channel 2 function call was being made on the ADRV9003 part that does not have a channel 2. It's up to the customers SW implementation to ensure that nothing is being programmed that does not exist.