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TES connectivity with ADRV9002 and SDCARD imaging


I am using ZC706 and ADRV9002 BBCZ NP/W1 supplied with TES R0.2 2020.12. recently sdcard image got corrupted and it is not booting. I tried to rebuild image by following the instruction for SDK13 or higher. During power on LCR LED keep rolling and DS703 led blinking. I am not able to communicate with Looking for solution to resolve issues



  • Hi MSA,

    The blinking behavior of DS703 is expected in a functioning system. I suggest you have a look at the section titled "EVALUATION SYSTEM TROUBLESHOOTING" in the User Guide.

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi Michal,

    Thanks for your response. I have checked trouble shooting on Hardware LED behavior are same as specified (PL GPIO LCR LED keep rolling and DS703 led blinking). I have tried pinging to not working. I have followed debug connection issue steps to start the server manually. Connected the platform through serial and tried to start the server

    root@linaro-developer:~# cd /home/analog/adrv9001_server/resources/Adi.Adrv9001.Server/
    root@linaro-developer:/home/analog/adrv9001_server/resources/Adi.Adrv9001.Server# ./Adrv9001Server_C0_48.8.7
    Attempting HwOpen()
    Starting ERPC server on port 55557...
    Listening for connections
    profiling:/dev/null/VisualGDB:Cannot create directory
    profiling:/dev/null/VisualGDB/Debug B0/main.gcda:Skip

    not proceeding further.

    kindly suggest to proceed further to connect with TES



  • Hi MSA84,

    I have tried recreating your steps to manually start the server on serial and I got the same result, even though I am able to connect to the TES. Since pinging is not working for you, this appears to suggest that the issue might be with your computer.

    Can you check whether or not you have a B0 or C0 evaluation board?

    Kind Regards,