ADRV9002 Transition time evaluation to Rx receive from Power save mode


I would like to evaluate ADRV9002 state transition time to Rx receiving from Power save mode on TES or C code implementation.

Regarding Tx transition time from power saving mode, it could see the transition time by external GPIO control. When we monitored GPIO signal and Tx signal, we could see the response time about power saving mode to Tx on oscilloscope.

For Rx receiving timing, it could not see by external oscilloscope.

Do you have any idea to see the transition time to Rx receiving timing from Power saving mode?

One idea is that we would like to see "wake up interrupt" by RSSI level in Monitor mode.(ug-1828 P194)

How can I set this GPIO setting on TES?

If there is no function on TES0.16, please would you give your comment for C code API.

If you have another method the transition time for Rx receiving, please let me know.

Best regards,