ADRV9002 linux-driver is not suit TES output


I am trying to port TES output to my board using linux driver.

The ADRV9002 of the EVAL board performed the operation I wanted well, so I thought that it would work if I ported it well.

However, it seems that the linux driver does not support TES output.

Below is one of the reasons I think so.

In beginObserving.c from TES output

error_code = adi_adrv9001_Radio_Channel_EnableRf(adrv9001Device_0, ADI_ORX, ADI_CHANNEL_2, true);

adr_adrv9001_Radio_Channel_EanbleRf bring to ADI_EXPECT(adi_adrv9001_Radio_ChannelEnableMode_Get, adrv9001, ports[i], channels[i], &enableMode);

but adi_adrv9001_Radio_ChannelEnableMode_Get have not ADI_ORX option

int32_t adi_adrv9001_Radio_ChannelEnableMode_Get(adi_adrv9001_Device_t *adrv9001,
                                           adi_common_Port_e port,
                                           adi_common_ChannelNumber_e channel,
                                           adi_adrv9001_ChannelEnableMode_e *mode)
    uint8_t regVal = 0;
    ADI_PERFORM_VALIDATION(adi_adrv9001_Radio_ChannelEnableMode_Get_Validate, adrv9001, port, channel, mode);

    if (port == ADI_RX && channel == ADI_CHANNEL_1)
        ADI_EXPECT(adrv9001_NvsRegmapCore2_BbicRx1PinMode_Get, adrv9001, &regVal);
    else if (port == ADI_RX && channel == ADI_CHANNEL_2)
        ADI_EXPECT(adrv9001_NvsRegmapCore2_BbicRx2PinMode_Get, adrv9001, &regVal);
    else if (port == ADI_TX && channel == ADI_CHANNEL_1)
        ADI_EXPECT(adrv9001_NvsRegmapCore2_BbicTx1PinMode_Get, adrv9001, &regVal);
    else if (port == ADI_TX && channel == ADI_CHANNEL_2)
        ADI_EXPECT(adrv9001_NvsRegmapCore2_BbicTx2PinMode_Get, adrv9001, &regVal);

    *mode = (adi_adrv9001_ChannelEnableMode_e)regVal;


I added ORX setup in adi_adrv9001_Radio_ChannelEnableMode_Get(), but driver have more error.

I have repeatedly corrected the error by referring to other codes, but I am finally stuck because I do not know how to add the calibration setting of the ORX port.

Is the driver of the EVAL board different from the driver of the GIT?