ARM boot timed out while trying to bring up the ADRV9002

Iam trying to bring up the ADRV9002 with the Production Stage – ANSI C API Driver Code,

Below are the details of the setup:

1. ADRV9002BBCZNP/W1=0.03-3GHz C0 silicon revision board and ZCU102 Rev 1.1 board is used.

2. Ver. 0.16.0 ANSI C API Driver Code is compiled and loaded in ZCU102 and ZCU102 FPGA is SPI master

2. We have taken the Sample C code by running the TES GUI Ver. 0.16.0 in the ZC706 platform. This sample C code is compiled and loaded in ZCU102 board.

3. SPI level functionality is working (adi_adrv9001_HwOpen is success)

The functions up to adi_adrv9001_arm_Start is working fine.

But adi_adrv9001_arm_StartStatus_Check function is returning "Timed out waiting for ARM bootup to happen".

What may be the reason for this issue.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 21, 2021 7:01 AM

    Hello Saravanan,

    Could I ask why you take code from TES executed on a ZC706 and port it to a ZCU102? Why not connect TES to the ZCU102 and generate code that way? The generated code from TES will probably not look any different for either platform, however our Stream images and ARM images will most likely be different for the two platforms. This may be a source for your issue.

    Other alternatives are that the profile you're using has sample rates and clk settings that are causing the ARM to time out. If this is the case, you could try using code for a "default" setup (like a basic DMR or LTE setup from TES) and seeing if the device programs on your ZCU102.

    In either case, do let me know what works for you in the end!

    Best Regards,

  • Hello Oisin,

    When we tried to work with TES GUI Ver. 0.16.0 in the ZCU102 platform, we are not getting the spectrum output. The problem is already reported in the forum and it is available in the link

    For this reason we have taken the Sample C code by running it in the ZC706 platform.

    As suggested, we will take the Sample C code in default setup and verify whether the device programs successfully.


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 21, 2021 2:53 PM in reply to krsaravanan

    Hello again,

    If that issue is still not fixed, then I would be pressed to believe that either the ZCU102 is not working or your SD card image for the ZCU102 is corrupted or incorrect.

    Are you running separate SD cards for each platform? Using a common SD card will not work, as such we provide dedicated SD card images for the ZC706 and the ZCU102. If you are sharing an SD card across the 2 devices, keep your current SD card in the ZC706 and purchase a new SD card for the ZCU102, imaging it as per our documented instructions in the documents forum:

    Alternatively, if you have been using separate images for each device, do you have a second ZCU102 to try with? Perhaps the ZCU102 you have been trying is damaged in some way?

    Do let me know how you get on!

    Best Regards,

  • Hello Oisin,

    As suggested we have taken Sample C code(ZC706) in default setup but same error is coming while running the program.

    We have taken Sample C code in ZCU102 also(we are to able to program successfully, only spectrum output is not correct), here also same error is coming in same function.

    There may be some issue in ZCU102 itself, but since SPI is working successfully ZCU102 may not be a reason.

    please share the list of possible reasons for this ARM error message. We also want to know whether the SSI lines RX_DCLK_OUT, RX_STROBE_OUT, RX_IDATA_OUT and RX_QDATA_OUT will start functioning even if the ARM is not working.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 23, 2021 10:46 AM in reply to krsaravanan

    Hello Saravanan,

    I brought your issue to the team again, one of our lead engineers came back with the following:

    • ZCU102 + CE + TES (ADI FPGA HDL)
      1. User can program successfully
      2. Sees issue with DMA Timeout indicating issue on SSI
        1. Check RxSSI Clock/Data/Strobe on scope and verify they are correct
    • ZCU102 + CE + Compiled Code (Using ADI FPGA HDL?)
      1. ArmStart Status Check issue
      2. User mentions "This sample C code is compiled and loaded in ZCU102 board."
        1. I'm not clear here on two things
          1. Are they using ADI FPGA HDL as-is?
          2. How is the code loaded on ZCU102? Are they running a custom application on ZCU102?

    Could you clear up these points and try these bits of debug? We may be able to clear your issue up with a little more info!

    Best Regards,