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Rev B Silicon and R0.2.2020.12

Dear Team,

My customer has received an eval board which was ordered a couple of weeks ago.

The number on the Eval board reads:


and another place mentions REV B.

I assume its a RevB silicon, right?

The SD Card tag mentions: R0.2.2020.12

The folloiwng link states that the SD card should work with Rev B and Rev C.

However, the customer reported that the board is not booting up properly:

they are not seeing the power OK LED.

Is R0.2.2020.12 really compatable with Rev B?

Request for help.



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  • Hi Oisin,

    Thanks for the reply. We have checked with legacy download option as well. The RED LED turns off but the POWER SUPPLY OK LED, D901, does not Turn ON.

    We will continue the checks on ADP5056 as mentioned on the lilnk.

    However, I would like to make sure which Silicon Rev is that we have on the eval board.

    Could you please mention how to know the ADRV9002 silicon Rev?