Initialization Time Estimate for ADRV9001 Family


The current version of the ADRV9001 Users Guide (UG-1828 PrB) does a great job of describing the Initialization steps (Figures 18&19) and Initialization Calibrations (Table 51).  However, there is no method of estimating the time needed to perform the RF bring up process.  As an example, in the case of GNSS applications Time-to-First-Fix is a critical specification when comparing radio deigns.  Using the 61M44 LTE profile provided in TES (0.16) I've measured initialization times between 4 and 8 seconds depending on configuration.  I've also observed some features such as Normal and Fast synthesizer calibration have little or no impact using the current TES version.  

  1. Is there a method of estimation available that would include SPI bus clock rate, Single / Multi-Byte transfer mode, init-cal selection, ARM clock divisor, TDD/FDD, 1T1R/2T2R, and Rx/Tx signal BW?   
  2. Any chance future versions of the API would support saving/restoring the init cal results to speed-up the boot process on the next power cycle? 

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Aug 4, 2021 2:18 PM


    This issue has been handled offline.

    These software features are currently being discussed by our software development team and our applications team. If they are added to any software release notice of this will be in the CHANGELOG associated with that release.

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