ADRV 9002 Eval Board and ZCU102 platform

Hi everybody,

I need to start the evaluation board for ADRV9002.

The set-up I'm using is the following:

1.   ZCU102  FPGA carrier board ( with 1.1 revision marked on the PCB)

2.  ADRV9002XBCZ NP/W1    ( this seems to be the C0 silicon revision)

3.  SD card ( that comes with the ADRV9002 dev board) marked as :  ADRV9001  TES software R0.2  2020.12

4.  ARGO Navis 0.11.0  

Starting the set-up in the configuration above results in failure to load the SD card image ( no feedback at all ) and seems that the SoC is not configured at all.

Can you please le me know  what SD card do I need in order to get this running ?

Thank you in advance,


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jun 18, 2021 7:59 AM

    Hi Cristian, 

    First thing to note is that there has been plenty of updates to the Transceiver Evaluation Software or TES (ARGO Nevis.exe) we are now on version 0.16.0 and this can be downloaded from the 'Wideband RF Transceiver Evaluation Software' link in the software section of the product page here.

    The image on that SD card might be a default one for the ZC706 platform, so to update this to the latest version of the ZCU102 to work with TES 0.16.0 you can follow this SD card imaging guide here. This will go through the step by step to reimage the SD card for your platform. 

    If you run into any other issues let me know


  • Hi again Ruari,

    First of all, installing the ADRV9001 Disk image utility returns the following error " error creating the uninstall log".

    It might be related to the folders path or something ( I use Windows 10)

    I have managed to install this o a different drive( not in C) but it does not download the zip file....


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