ADRV 9002 Eval Board and ZCU102 platform

Hi everybody,

I need to start the evaluation board for ADRV9002.

The set-up I'm using is the following:

1.   ZCU102  FPGA carrier board ( with 1.1 revision marked on the PCB)

2.  ADRV9002XBCZ NP/W1    ( this seems to be the C0 silicon revision)

3.  SD card ( that comes with the ADRV9002 dev board) marked as :  ADRV9001  TES software R0.2  2020.12

4.  ARGO Navis 0.11.0  

Starting the set-up in the configuration above results in failure to load the SD card image ( no feedback at all ) and seems that the SoC is not configured at all.

Can you please le me know  what SD card do I need in order to get this running ?

Thank you in advance,