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ADRV9001/2 user guide latest release date


we are currently developing our own application based on the ADRV9001/2 and the ZC706 board. So, any new information input and clarification about the ADRV9001/2 product would be of much use at this moment. We know its an on-going effort from your side to support multiple customers and enable their implementations.

I would like to refer to a previous QA (link) and specifically to the verified answer where Oisin (OWatkins) quoted:

"We have updated SYSTEM SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE and SOFTWARE INTEGRATION chapters currently being reviewed which are aimed at providing much more of a usable guide to developing your own application. Keep an eye out in the next releases of the User Guide as this chapter is integrated."

Currenlty, the version of the user guide is the ADRV9001 System Development User Guide, UG-1828 (Rev. PrB). 

Based on the above do you know a specific date for the next release or maybe the time frame that is scheduled to be released?

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[edited by: Andreas K. at 9:49 AM (GMT -4) on 14 May 2021]
  • Hello Andreas,

    I reached out to the team and asked for a status update for you.

    The current situations is as follows: we are working to provide updates and will post them as soon as they are ready. If you have some topics to discuss involving your development, please reach out to your regional ADI / Distributor contacts. In the meantime if have specific question please feel free to post on this forum. 

    I'm afraid that due to the nature of how these documents are published this is all we can provide at the present time. If here are more questions we can help you with your you are always welcome to ask.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Oisin,

    thanks for the info and the status update. 

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