Boot files for zcu706 for adrv9002 daughter board


In the following link, it includes sd card boot files for zcu102. But i have zc706 board. Are there any boot files for it. 

Note : i don't have linux because of that i don't want to create boot files for zc706 board.



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Mar 30, 2021 3:32 PM

    Hi Yasin, 

    For the ADRV9002 there are two different SW packages available to control the evaluation board. Selecting which one suits you best can be done using this Software Selection Guide
    If you have the ZC706 and no access to Linux then you will probably want to use the Transceiver Evaluation Software (TES). That can be downloaded from the product page here and then look for the ADRV9002/3/4 SDK package. Inside that download you can install the SDK and the TES. 
    To get the boot files imaged onto the SD card for the TES you can follow the SD card imaging guide here. This will make a bootable SD card for the ZC706 that can be used with the TES, and its all done on a windows PC.