building application for adrv9001 with make

I am trying to build an application to interface with the ADRV9002 board.

I downloaded the ADRV9001-SDK from

I used the TES to generate the c99 files and placed them then a folder named test1 in the package/production folder (same level as c_src) per the adrv9001-sdk\pkg\production\

Now per the file I have to use to build this.

However, I do not have an accessible platform at my location.

So, I would like to build this with a makefile and the appropriate zynq cross compiler.

Note that the cross compiler is working as I have made apps and they have run on the zynq target.

So I modified the makefile with the path to the cross compiler.

Quite a bit of it builds, but then hangs.

Am I doing something wrong?

Is there a users guide to build with make when not on the platform?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated