ADRV9375 Firmware Upgrade Tool

This hotfix performs a critical upgrade to ADRV9375 firmware to resolve recent TES and DPD GUI connectivity issues to these boards. Please follow following steps to install this hotfix.
Please note that this upgrade is applicable only for ADRV9375 evaluation boards and should not be run on any other evaluation board except ADRV9375 otherwise it will corrupt the board’s firmware.
PC administrator privileges are required to install this hotfix. After running an executable file, the standard installation process follows and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (which is mandatory for the software to operate).
This tool requires the same h/w and s/w setup required for TES GUI to run. Please refer section ‘HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS’ in UG992 for details. Zynq board static IPV4 address should be ‘’ and ports should be opened as per UG992 section ‘Instructions to Set the IPv4 Addresses’. You may try connecting TES GUI to this board to make sure basic h/w and s/w setup is correct before running this tool.

  •  Analog Employees