AD9371 Difference between RX and ORx channels

I need a three channel receiver equal to an RX channel. I believe I can define the ORx channel to be the same as an RX channel which would give me the third channel I need. I understand there are some limitations in using the ORx channel as an additional RX channel.

These limitations include:

1. ORx is manual gain control only

2. Manual gain control for the ORx is only available thru the API, not the GPIO, while MGC is available thru both for the RX channels.

3. ORx does not have High Rej DEC5

4. ORx uses the TX synth or the Sniffer/ORx synth where the RX uses the RX synth

5. All these channels can run off an external synth but the div by 2 in the detectors can create an 180 deg ambiguity

6. For JESD204B, when both RX and ORx framers are enabled, framers must not share the same physical lane

Are there any other limitations I need to know about if I plan to use the ORx path as a third receive channel? Is there a better option for obtaining a three channel receiver?