AD9371 Iron Python Scripts

I am now trying to use Iron python to script to send and receive data. I am able to create an Iron python script that initializes the chip and the turns everything on and starts the radio. The next step I believe is to send data out. I see the commands and everything to do this but I am having a hard time putting them together in the correct order. Do you have a script that will do that?


Also, I have a txt file with the data in I Q format and am not sure how to link it into the python script. Do I just load this file using the open and command in Ironpython?



A more broad question I have, what is the purpose of Iron Python compared to the C format that is seen in the UG-992 document? I am more familiar with C and would be more comfortable with programing using this language. I see starting on page 6 of that user guide the folder and file structure for using this. Where do these file reside and if I wanted to edit or use this method how would I be able to do this?