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ORX path control on AD9375

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9375
Software Version:


In our custom board running under the following configurations, do I need to handle ORX path control periodically using 'MYKONOS_setObsRxPathSource'?

  - Both Tx channels are used (TX_TX2) and both ORx channels are used (MYK_ORX2_ORX2).

  - All controls are through API.

If NO, please let me know how ARM cycles through LOL calibration, DPD capturing, and VSWR.

If Yes, please let me know the recommended method to control the ORX path.

By the way, In the custom board, DPD works well in both channels after initialization with just MYKONOS_setObsRxPathSource(OBS_INTERNALCALS).