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AD9371 : Calibrate_tx_lol_ext_en iio attribute


I want to understand the usage of AD9371 : Calibrate_tx_lol_ext_en iio attribute. I have a custom board with AD9371. Its a linux based solution. My AD9371 chip is successfully initialized by the driver. In the driver, External TX_LOL initial calibration is not enabled. Now once the card boots up successfully, I want to do external tx lol initial calibration. Kindly let me know whats the procedure.

writing 1 to Calibrate_tx_lol_ext_en using the below command

/sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device2# echo 1 > Calibrate_tx_lol_ext_en

Is this sufficient to initiate external TX_LOL initial calibration or do we need to run any other commands before or after this command.

How do we know if the calibration is successful or not?

Also, I have seen multiple posts where they have discussed about modifying the ad9371.c source file(driver file) where they run the default initial calibrations(other than external tx_lol)
and then run the initial calibration for external_lol and then check the init cal status. Is itcompulsory to enable external tx_lol initial calibration
in the driver code itself or can it be done without modifying the driver file.