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Ad9371 external tx lol init orx input level


I want to try external lol initial calibration in one of our custom board with ad9371.   I am planning to try tx to orx loopback for evaluating the performance improvement using external lol initial calibration.

As per ug992, for maximum orx gain, donot exceed a -16dBm signal level at the ORx input.Full scale input of the ORx path is -13dBm. do we need to adjust the attenuation in tx to orx loopback such that orx input is around -13dBm or -16dBm.  

For example, my card tx output in bist mode gives around -5dbm then attenuation needed in tx to orx path is above 8dB. May be around 11dB. Is my understanding correct? Is Considering bist mode power right?

Is there any minimum level requirement for orx input for external lol init calibration to run successfully. What happens if the attenuation added is more?