Issue in setting up the carrier for ADVR9375-W/PCBZ

Hi All,

Need help in setting up the carrier in the AD9375 EVB using the Zynq ZC706 platform. 

Im using the GUI Radioverse Test evaluation software.

Below are the steps Im following:

Connecting the AD9375 in the TES and configuring the clock. Im giving the external clock at J401 (30.72MHz , +5dBm) through a signal generator.

Below is the tx, rx configuration tab screen shot. Im trying to generate 20MHz LTE signal.

Calibration tab screen shot:

JESD tab:

AGC tab:


3v3 gpio tab:

RX summary:

TX summary:

OBS/sniffer summary:

After this I click on Program:

I get this error:

after I click on 'OK', it shows programmed successfully.

Kindly help how to over come this error and steps to proceed further.