DAC sample crossbar and ADC sample crossbar understanding

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I am facing in understanding the DAC sample crossbar as given in the AD9371 user guide UG-992.

1. Could anyone please explain in brief how the sampling crossbar functionality? 

2. In the user guide, they mentioned till 4 lanes will it support up to 8 lanes?

3. As mentioned in the below image here 2 converters are using for 1 Antenna is it fixed or it can be any number


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    on Jul 14, 2020 10:29 AM 4 months ago

    A sample crossbar provides the ability to reorder the DAC samples at the output of the deframers. A lane crossbar provides the ability to reorder the lanes into the deframer input.

    No. There is a maximutotal of four lanes which can be used by the four deframers.

    The digital data(I and Q , complex signal) from the two converters goes to the mixer in which it is converted to a RF signal(real signal). So TX1 I and TX1 Q together will form TX1 output for which you need one antenna