TES "ObsRx Chnl" control is dysfunctional.

The selection in the dropdown list control on TES' "Configuration" tab cannot be changed. Only the options "Select" and "OBSON" are available when the list drops down, and only the latter can be selected. I also note that no means is provided to select the desired Observation Rx channel (e.g., Sniffer A, B, or C).

Additionally, the "Rx Chnl" dropdown list also has an unselectable "Select" option, and the "RXOFF" option (visible in the illustration of this tab in UG-992) is not present in the list.

I am running 64-bit Windows 7 Professional SP1 and TES v2.0.62.

  • The drop down you mention is to On/Off the ObsRx channel.

    You can see the specific channel details in other ObsRx/Sniffer Summary tab

    Rx Off can be configured via API.

  • On page 276 of UG-992 rev. A, it is stated that "Select observation/Sniffer input" is an available selection on this tab; currently, it is not.

    I know that MYKONOS_setObsRxPathSource() can change the ORx path assignment, but what other reconfiguration is needed when that is changed? I want to see the results on the JESD204b Setup tab, for instance, and the code generated for the JESD204B setup, the configuration of the crossbars, and anything else that might change.