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Full bandwidth configuration and frame resolution in ad9082 real mode

Category: Software


Recently, when using the ad9082 real mode and the jesd204B mode19, the following problems occurred during full bandwidth acquisition

1) Mode 19(LMFS=8114 1x1 HD=1), 204B, can be linked, and the lane rate is 12Gbps

2) But sine wave -40dBM@2MHz The waveform parsed in vivado shows periodic irregularity, as shown in the following figure

204B MODE19 LMFS=8114 real mode full bandwidth ADC Rate@4.8G

But With an ADC rate of 4800 MSPS, CDDC=4x decimation and FDDC=1x decimation of FDDC@Mode 18, It works very well.

So, I think, It should not be a problem with the configuration. There is a problem with the data frame resolution of JESD204B, but I cannot find useful information on UG1578 to locate the problem