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AD9082-FMCA-EBZ with ADS9 evaluation board: MatLab API

Category: Hardware


I have recently configured the boards:  AD9082-FMCA-EBZ with ADS9 evaluation board using MatLab as provided by a user guide. I have two questions thou:

1) If i am configuring the boards using MatLab API, why do i need to upload the FPGA image? What is its role?

2) I am creating a 10 kHz single tone in MatLab. I then used the DAC to loop this signal to ADC and sample it and make sure i acquire the signal in MatLab again. I did acquire the signal successfully. But the frequency of the signal that was displayed in ACE software was 50 MHz which is different than the frequency i transmitted. The Fs used was 250 MHz. N.B. the signal i got in MatLab was 10 kHz.  


  • Hi,

    ACE auto loads the FPGA image upon start up to initialize communication with the ADS9. Either ACE or DPG are needed to first load the image before configuring the MxFE and the ADS9 according to use case specifications.

    Regarding your second question - do you have any NCO's set in your use case?

    Thank you