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How Can I Use DPGDownloaderLite for Mod Mux Configuration 3B in AD9081

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As I mentioned in the title, is there a way to configure DPGDownloaderLite for Mod Mux Configuration 3B in the configuration where m is equal to 2? 

My goal is to test the following image with DPGDownloaderLite .

I am using ad9081 with ADS9

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Hello,

    The attachment showing ACE set-up along with MOD MUX SPI write is using the AD9986 EVB.  For the AD9082 EVB........use same settings but change the Tx Data Rate to 750 MHz since this EVB uses 100 MHz VCXO.  Since this configuration supports complex-IF mode that could be used for an image reject upconversion architecture, you can tune the NCO to the desired IF frequency.  You should observe an output signal appearing at DAC0 and DAC1 output.