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Cannot see ad9081 config setup when generating wavefrom from dpglite to be used with ADS9 + ad9081

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I am generating a waveform from dpg-lite to be used together with ADS9 + AD9081. The question that I have is that there is no option for FPGA config for AD9081 IN dpg-lite. I can only see FPGA config for ad9986_asd9v2_fmc. I believe it should have the FPGA config file should be for ad9081. If It is selected as ad9986_asd9v2_fmc will it produce wrong results? like in my case I cannot see a pure sine wave in ADS9 analysis tab? Is this the reason? Is there a config file for AD9081 or should we just use ad9986_asd9v2_fmc config file for AD9081 as well. Or should I change some parameters in the DPG-lite when using ad9986_asd9v2_fmc config file to configure it for AD9081.

Any help would be appreciated.