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Category: Software

Hello guys,

I am working on AD9081 with ZCU 102. I have successfully run the default configuration from the no-OS project.
Right now I am trying to change this configuration to meet my requirements:(TX: JESD 6 mode and RX: JESD 16 mode) configuration.
My data rate is same with the default no-OS project configuration.
I run both the DAC and ADC at 4 GSPS and the total interpolation and decimation is 8.
Should the tx_dac and rx_adc clock frequency be the same with the measured link clock or not.
Also, do you have any idea about AD9081_TX_LOGICAL_LANE_MAPPING and AD9081_RX_LOGICAL_LANE_MAPPING inside app_config.h for this JESD configuration.
I've read one post about lane mapping but I am not clear about it.  My initial configuration is below.